Appointing the builder

The difference between happiness and misery is in choosing the correct builder at the correct price. There are many excellent, diligent and hardworking builders. It is essential to find, negotiate and appoint one of them.

  • We will, without charge, assist you at this critical stage.
  • We will conduct a competitive tender of at least five competitive contractors.
  • Additionally, we will include any contractors of your choosing.
  • We will answer their technical queries enabling them to submit their prices directly to you.
  • The final short-listed contractors need closer scrutiny; see their recent works and speak to their recent clients in confidence.
  • Do not pay any deposit; all payments to be in arrears of pre-agreed work stages completed.
  • Keep a good sum for the final payment to be made only when the works are satisfactorily completed and the council issues the final certificate of satisfactory completion.
  • Always use the specialist builder for loft conversions and conservatories.
  • Check the builder’s original insurance document and keep a copy.
  • Do not use the builder’s form of contract. The JCT minor works or other similar is preferable.
  • Keep complete ordered records including receipts and all signed and dated documents generated during the building programme.
  • Be especially cautious if appointing a friend or an acquaintance; familiarity erodes the control of the employer and can lead to disappointment.