Our Process from Start to Finish:

Not every project follows an exact process, but our experience has shown that the following process is an excellent guide. If you have any questions or would like to start your design, please call 0800 282 267 or email enquiries(at)architectsforhome.co.uk for a free consultation.


THE SURVEY: A qualified member of our staff will meet you at the earliest agreeable time to discuss the design you would like to have and at the same time measure and survey the existing building.


THE PLANS: The proposed plans will then be prepared at one of our local drawing offices. We will try our best to complete all plans, specifications and standard engineer’s structural calculations within 10 working days from the date of survey. All of our engineers are chartered and insured.


THE APPLICATION: A copy of the completed plans will be sent directly to you for your approval. Without charge any requested changes are then completed and the final plans are submitted on your behalf for local authority approvals.


SUPPORT STATEMENTS: We will, without charge, prepare the Design & Access Statement together with the Environmental Monitoring Statement where relevant.


THE NEGOTIATION: During the period of the applications, without charge, we reply to local authority requests for minor alterations, changes and clarifications.


THE CONTRACT: Without charge and without responsibility we invite a suitable number of competitive bidders from selected contractors. They will be provided with copies of the necessary details including plans and specifications. The estimates are communicated directly to you to select the contract of your choice. The successful contractor is then instructed to complete the building works under the supervision of the local authority building control officer. Alternatively, you may decide to work with a contractor unknown to us.

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