A Typical Programme

Stage 1 – First contract: We receive your e-mail or telephone call requesting further details or clarifications and a fee quotation.

Stage 2 – Fee quotation: A professional member of staff will telephone you to discuss the project in outline and provide you with a fixed fee proposal; a detailed fee letter is then e-mailed or posted immediately to you.

Stage 3 – Instructions: We receive your instructions by telephone or e-mail to proceed. An early appointment is made at a time convenient to you. Most clients prefer to be seen on the weekends or evenings. We are available 7 days a week.

Stage 4 – Brief and survey: At our first meeting we discuss your project in full detail and consider any ideas you may wish to include. We answer all your questions, offer design advice, clarify the relevant local authority policies and examine the likely building costs. During this visit we complete a detailed survey of your home including floor plans, boundaries and drains.

Stage 5 – The plans: The proposed plans are completed and sent to you for your approval. At this stage you may wish to discuss some minor amendments.

Stage 6 – The application: Final alterations are completed and on receipt of your final approval we complete the appropriate forms and make the local authority applications for planning permission and Building Regulations approval on your behalf including the submission of the Design & Access Statement, the Environmental Monitoring Statement and all relevant documentation.

Stage 7 – The negotiations: We monitor the progress of the applications and provide you with progress updates. Additionally, we negotiate with the local authority providing clarifications, representations and making minor amendments to the plans as may be requested by the council.

Stage 8 – The contract: Without charge and only if requested we invite a suitable number of competitive priced tenders from selected builders. They will be provided with copies of plans and specifications. We answer all their technical queries and they submit their prices directly to you. You may decide not to engage any of them in favour of some alternative builders; importantly, the choice is entirely yours.