Architectures of the Past

Buildings are made to be a part of history; most of these structures are created through systematic planning and careful design. Architects London does exactly the same thing when constructing and designing a building which would usually last for ages. There are a lot of projects which are invented through time; most of the designs are based on a specific culture and process, differences in raw materials and the building construction itself.

Most of the buildings from the past are made to last a more than a lifetime. Wonderful artifacts and ruins of the past that continue to dazzle us with their magnificent beauty and uniqueness, the most common kind of early architecture are seen in the pyramids of Egypt. These pyramids had taken years to build; some even took centuries of construction. Many of the workers are slaves who are working every day to carve large stones made of sandstone and granite and make them into blocks of rocks that could fit into the size of the building. Most of these rocks are from the surrounding environment or the nearby country. A good estimate of the weight for one of the stone blocks that built the pyramids would be almost a ton. These blocks are carefully travelled and molded to follow the design of the giant structure. These wonders have been erected thousands of years ago and are still standing up to now.

There are a lot of these relics that stand the test of time. Some churches scattered around Europe are build a couple of centuries ago. The edifices took thousand hours of labor from a lot of people. Fair enough, their efforts had been rewarded and the buildings are still standing and some are still being used even now. There are also different constructions of prayer houses and churches of various faiths. The Muslim built a lot of great houses using their very own design and by maximizing their own materials. There are also ancient relics that can be found in India and in some other parts of Asia. The Angkor Watt which is seen in Thailand has rather good structured walls, which are still standing now. Although the site has not been used and the building is preserved for tourists, the architecture of the building would really reflect the culture of the people.

The Great Wall of China has also been erected in the earlier centuries, even before the machines were invented. The magnificent view of the great wall can be seen even in the moon. These structures are built with simple materials but are relatively strong and are tested through time. These constructions are here to remind us that we should look back into the past and try to learn from their designs and their arts which are simple but strong, elegantly designed and are created using the materials in their immediate surroundings. We should learn how to take care of the past and what it has left us with, in order for us to remember what they contributed for the advancements of civilization.


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