Buying a Ready Built Transportable Home Without Planning Permission

The building of mobile homes that are not caravans or tents have now been granted planning permission as long as they match certain criteria. In fact they don’t need to be made of steel or aluminium but of logs instead. You can have one designed for you by an architect who is aware of the current planning and designing regulations and he or she will make sure it is suitable for your requirements. The new planning regulations for the construction of mobile homes have been altered so that they can be constructed to a length of twenty metres and to just under seven metres in width. The home must be capable of being transported from one site to another by road transport and they most not be moved in more than two pieces. Most construction companies can build this type of mobile home with all the plumbing installed and the electrics as well but mobile home owners might of course want to get these utilities fitted when they decide which place they are going to locate their home.

There are great advantages to having a mobile home that doesn’t by design look remotely like one and if you want to move your home to a different site every couple of years so that you have a change of scene then this type of home is ideal. You could rent a different property in a different place every year but the advantages of your own mobile property is that you can keep in it year round all the things that make your annual holidays pleasurable such as your fishing tackle, your deck chairs, your sun loungers your folding table and chairs for outdoor use and of course all the kitchen utensils and appliances along with your HDTV and sound system. The massive twenty metres in length is large enough to house the extended family for their annual holiday as well. The wooden or log transportable home really doesn’t have many similarities to a caravan as it doesn’t, for a start, have wheels so once it has been placed in situ on a site it looks like part of the furniture as if it has been there forever.

If you have any aversion to being a caravan owner or you don’t want people to think you just wander from place to place then this wooden transportable home will give you a different view of portability. You don’t need a large car to transport it around the country, you simply get a truck company to dismantle it and transport it to your chosen location and you never have to worry about planning permission either as it has already been built. If you have your transportable home designed by an architect and built in a builder’s yard then the question of planning permission never arises as long as it is not constructed in your back yard and it is quite within the guidelines provided by the planning department.


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