Changes in Architectural Culture

There are a lot of different cultures in the world and each of these communities has their own design and ideas about how to decorate their houses and their property. Nowadays, the western culture has infiltrated most of the cultures of the Asian and European community; however, these countries have their own way of expressing themselves through art and structural ideas. The architects London provides whole new ideas about these differences in culture and in the arts which are shown in their structural style. There are a lot of professionals nowadays that are studying these various kinds of designs and construction as well as their raw materials for their building construction. The basic structures that can be seen in most of the British communities and all of Europe are the castles which are scattered along the countryside and the cities as well.

Most of these architectural masterpieces came from earlier generations that had a lot of experience in getting bombarded with catapults and other ammunitions, the climate in these countries are most likely cold and snowing, therefore, these castles are built strong and fortified using the baked clay bricks that are still in use today. These pieces of clay are created to form a large building full of rooms and walls to protect not only the household but the whole property it. There are however, some people who cannot build their own castles because of lack of money; their houses can be seen as slightly different from that of the wealthy families in the community. As time goes by, these cultures change along with technology and the industry, most houses were later made out of bricks, various government buildings and other public structures like walls or parks and roads were later developed using this style. As the population grows, so is the need for more housing and buildings, the simple houses were then transformed into buildings with up to about five to ten floors in each block. These new structures are also made of brick and mud that were used in the middle ages.

However, the use and the design of these materials had been upgraded and developed in such a way that more people will benefit from it. Centuries later, the bricks were changed into steel, gravel and cement, which formed buildings and advanced engineering marvels which are displayed in key parts of the city. These advanced buildings are now made of glass and steel with different structures that showcase their beauty and their simplicity all in one. These buildings are converted into museums and malls which has their own intricate scheme. There are still castles which remain standing up until today; these magnificent structures are located in the rural areas of the country which has little or no effect on the advancements that had been going on in the city. These castles are here to remind us that there is a rich culture in the past where people contributed their own knowledge and built their own kingdoms using basic materials found in their surroundings. These materials prove to be so strong that most of the castles are still fully operational as of today.


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