Common Types of House Extensions

There are many house extensions, Architects For Home, Head office, 6 Ivor Street, London, NW1 9PL options available for people who wish to create more space in their houses. Different people choose different extension styles for various reasons. Some of the factors that determine the kind of extensions one builds include the amount of space needed and budget allocation.

Types of house extensions

The first kind of extension we look at is the single storey extension. Carrying out a one storey extension is cheaper and brings more satisfaction than moving house. It is a sound investment that not only adds value to your residence but also offers you more internal space. This enables you to get the most out of your house.

The second most common kind of house extension is the double storey extension. Carrying out a double storey extension will have a significant impact on your life and house. This is because apart from creating more room in your kitchen, lounge, dining room and living area, it also gives you an extra bathroom. If you need more room but do not want to move then this is the best option meant for you. This kind of extension greatly increases the worth of your house while making it more comfortable for you to live in.

Next we look at the side return kind of extension. This kind of extension is recommended for people who wish to add more space in already existing housing or reorganize the interior floor design to add more room. This kind of extension can be used to build an added bathroom, bedroom or even sitting room. The other reason why people like this kind of extension is because it is possible to have an all round extension. To do this one only needs to join the rear and side return extensions.

Number four on the list of common house extensions is the conservatory extension. Building this kind of extension is a wise investment. This is because it increases the value of your home and gives you a lot more space. The good thing about the additional space you get using this kind of extension is it is flexible. You can therefore use it however you please. Building a conservatory is therefore more than just getting an extra room. It is the same as investing in a new lifestyle.

The final kind of house extension we discuss is known as the cube. This house extension plan was developed with specific purposes in mind. The key functions this cube design is supposed to meet include: maintainable expansion, prefabricated building methods, aesthetic impact and cost effectiveness. The biggest advantage of building a cube extension is that when building a cube one spends the same amount he would have spent to build a conservatory with a glass roof. As a result of this one is able to enjoy various benefits. They include thermal mass building that provides huge energy efficiency and big glazing that has frameless skylights and bi-fold doors. Additional benefits include the extension’s ability to allow utmost daylight access and the remarkable opportunity to relax or entertain by star gazing.


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