Conservatory House Extensions

Conservatories are a fun way of buildingĀ house extensions, Architects For Home, Head office, 6 Ivor Street, London, NW1 9PL. People who want to build conservatories as extensions may either go for a sunroom or a conservatory. The choice one makes depends on various factors. These factors include how much money you are willing to spend on the extension, building regulations and the restrictions of planning permits.

What is a conservatory?

Conservatories can be defined as any building whose roof and walls are mostly made of glass and translucent materials. To qualify to be called a conservatory, a structure has to meet the following specifications:

-At least three quarters of the roofing material used on it should be translucent.

-At least half of its wall should be made of translucent material.

-It should either have no heating system or have a heating system with independent heating controls.

-It has to possess external doors that make it independent of the main house.

Conservatories are usually exempted from construction regulations. If however the above mentioned rules are flouted then building rules will apply to them too. For instance building regulations will apply to an extension that is connected to the main house. A conservatory heated by radiator that is connected to the host building’s mains service also has to abide by building rules. The property owner can find himself in serious trouble if building regulations are applied to such structures. This is because the structures do not meet the recommended building standards. Such structures will for instance not be able to meet the recommended thermal value. This is because over half of the materials used on the roof and walls are either polycarbonate or glass. The structure should also be independent of the main house for it to be called a conservatory. The easiest way to do this is by installing external doors. It is also against building regulations to build archways that lead to the conservatory from the main building.

Other people opt to put up sunrooms instead of conservatories. This is because they feel sunrooms blend with their homes better than conservatories. Others opt for sunrooms because they do not want an extension that is separated from the main house and the rest of the property. Sunrooms are not conservatories. Adding one to your house makes your house a single-storey extension.

Next you should decide the kind of conservatory you would like to build. The general rule here is to pick a conservatory that will blend in well with the rest of your property. There are two main kinds of conservatories to pick from. The first one is known as the gable conservatory. The gable conservatory has a steeply pitched roof. This serves to both enhances the conservatory’s lighting and height. The other kind of conservatory is of a period design. It is two storeyed and has an extra ceiling that makes it take the shape of a big lantern. It is known as the lantern conservatory because of its shape. You are encouraged to find out as much as you can about them before settling for one.


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