Conservatory Planning Permission

Today, it is no longer a requirement to obtain planning permission to build a conservatory as long as it fits certain guidelines. If a newly built conservatory is in this year’s plan then contact your architect with a simple drawing of the conservatory that you would like on your property and he or she will advise you if planning permission is required or not. Generally, though, you will only require planning permission if your new conservatory takes up over fifty percent of the land surrounding your home including other buildings that are already in place but are independent from your home. The conservatory must not reach a height that exceeds the height of the roof of your house. It must not stick out in front of your house onto the boundary of your property if it is bordering a road. The conservatory extension must not stretch out more than three metres from the back of the house if the house is semi detached or if it is a stand alone property it may reach out up to four metres from the back of the property.

The height cannot exceed more than four metres for a one floor conservatory and must not have a height greater than the existing roof of the house. The angle of the roof of the conservatory must match the angle of the roof of the existing house. Within the structure of the conservatory you are not allowed to construct any type of balcony or even a verandah surrounding the conservatory and there must certainly not be any platforms or patios surrounding the conservatory either. If your home is situated near any conservation land or what is sometimes referred to as designated land then you are not allowed to develop any structure at the back of your property that makes up more than one level and you are not allowed to build any conservatory as a side extension at all. Any structure that you do build must not have any cladding added to the outside.

The council makes available a detailed list of planning permission rules that home owners can study. If you are a large property owner and you want to add a large conservatory and you have a large budget to do the necessary work then all you have to do is submit your drawings or outlines to your local architect. He or she will come around to your property to do all the necessary measurements and then will apply for the planning permission for you for the bits that will require approval. The smaller home owner is better off keeping within the confines of the laid down requirements so as to avoid the unnecessary expense of your conservatory being two inches more in height or width that would necessitate having to apply for planning permission. There is no big deal in having to through planning permission bureaucracy but it can take time to actually get the permission signed and sealed on paper.

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