Frequently Asked Questions

At Architects for Home we specialise in home extensions, loft conversions, conservatories and out buildings. Below is a list of common questions we are asked when working on architectural projects and liaising with local authority planning departments:


Will you assist with the designs?
Absolutely yes, but remember the client has the final say.

There are drains in the way and I don’t want an internal manhole – what can you do?
There will be no internal manholes and everything will be located outside.


Can I be seen on a weekend or an evening?
Yes, we can and are flexible with all appointments.

How soon will I be seen?
Approximately within 2 days of the request.

How long will it take to prepare the plans?
Approximately 2 weeks.

How long will the local authority take to grant approvals?
Approximately 8 weeks.

Local authority

Have you dealt with our local authority before?
Over 35 years we have frequently dealt with all local authorities and built up excellent relationships with planning authorities and councils.

Do I have to make the applications myself?
No, we do all of that for you.

What if the council require alterations to the plans?
All minor alterations are included in our fixed fee.


How can I find a builder?
We can, if requested and without charge, obtain estimates from an approved list of builders. We answer their technical queries and they submit their estimate directly to you.

Do you supervise the works?
No, a local authority building control officer will make critical site inspections and issue a certificate of satisfactory completion at the end.

Do not give any builder a deposit; all payments are made in arrears of work stages completed. Always use a recognised form of contract like the JCT form of contract for minor works.

Always choose a specialist contractor wherever possible, i.e. loft conversions and conservatories.

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