Get a financially attractive house extension design

It goes without saying that houses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. And, indeed, maybe this helped you to choose your house when you first bought it. However, even the most attractive homes leave some room for improvement, and if you have begun to consider having a house extension built, then rest assured that you are far from the only one.

Often, such a desire can be put down to the rigid design of many older homes, where rooms commonly come in identical sizes and shapes, and as part of a very formal layout. Home designs like these are frequently incompatible with the demands of modern living, making it all the more understandable that you should consider a house extension. However, getting a top quality design at an affordable price can often prove a bother.

A free quote and a fixed fee

Yes, you read that correctly. There are several very financially enticing elements to the Architects for Home package. For one, the price quotation for a house extension is both instant and free, upon contacting an architect, filling in the contact form on our website, or telephoning us. Two, you will always receive a single fixed fee for the job, averting any need to fret over potential hidden costs.

And finally, probably the most important point, you are given complete control over the overall house extension design, ensuring that you can achieve the best quality project at the lowest possible cost. We know how big a financial outlay any house extension can involve, so allow our experienced architects to help you to cushion the blow. 

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