Get a great conservatory by investing in our architects services

Statistically, what is the most popular home extension? The conservatory. It isn’t too big a challenge to discern why, either. For a start, a conservatory offers amazing views of the garden, allowing you to experience the diverse range of amazing outdoor sights and sounds from the comfort of the indoors. It’s an experience that a widescreen TV could only ever hope to replicate.

When it comes to having a conservatory added to your home, turning to the architects services of Architects for Home is a shrewd decision. You really can trust the quality of our architects services, for our architects boast substantial experience in planning both conservatories and so many other types of home extensions.

Architects services that work for you

No doubt there will be all kinds of questions buzzing through your head as you begin to work with our architects on the plan for your new conservatory: can we contribute our own ideas? Can we have a conservatory which we can use all day round? Can we avoid having a manhole on the floor? Can the design cater for great energy efficiency? Our architects can answer all such questions, often in the affirmative.

Indeed, one enduring principle of our architects services is that the overall design of the conservatory will always be down to you. If any desired conservatory feature is feasible, then we will endeavour to include it in the design – and, thanks to our policy of charging only a single fixed fee for the whole job, without any hidden costs, too.

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