If you need to get planning permission then it is a good move to plan a meeting with a planning department officer to discuss your situation before you go about sending in your application. If you are using an architect like architects for home at Ivor St, London NW1 9PL then they should provide advice on the correct procedure. A few local planning departments set a charge for the use of the service so it would be pertinent to ask first of all.
If you really require assistance with your planning application you must locate an architect and go about comparing costs for any sort of planning application along with the architect’s fee.
There are several types of planning applications and set application forms that allow for the different types of consents can be accessed and filled inn online. If you require several consents, then these can be applied for online as well. Listed building consents and full planning consents as well as planning permission and consents for a conservation area can all be applied for online.
When using the facilities online, the layout of the application form will automatically orientate itself to the type of the desired development, so you will see the right form that you will need to fill in and submit. When sending in paper forms you should make sure you fill in the right for, in order to validate your application.
It is not a bad idea first to establish with the local planning office if there are any local restrictions around where you intend to undertake the work, just in case you are required to get other permissions
Once you are ready to make your application you should remember to include all the essential plans of the site area, the necessary additional documents along with, the completed application form and of course the payment.
Applying online is automatic and your application will be directed to the appropriate local planning department. From this point on the local planning department will be unable to proceed with your application if you have failed to include back up documents. You are able also to clip on any other specific documents which you consider will assist the local planners to make a decision on your application .If the files are too big to be handled by the online system, they will have to be mailed in their paper form or saved onto a CD/DVD or other electronic file saver.
If your application is to be carried out online, the web page will inform you what compulsory documents are necessary to accompany your application. However, if you are mailing your application, you must include no less than 3 copies of the application form and all other additional supporting facts, as well as plans. Of course, some planning departments may require more written information.
When the planning application has been recorded, along with all the other required information, it will be approved as quickly as possible. When an application has been viewed as legitimate, the application is put onto the planning register and labeled with its own application number.
Usually, the majority of less important and smaller scale application formats will be legitimised by 3 to 5 working days after receiving the application.

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