If you are one of those people who just has to do everything yourself, then designing and building a conservatory probably seems to be a relatively easy task. However, more than likely you will get a much better job done taking the ideas down to a good architects firm like architects London and then to a decent builders to do the work for you.

In the long run the extra costs of getting the job done professionally will be more than outweighed by the financial advantages of adding value on to your existing home and the amount of time that you will have wasted trying to do the job yourself. Time is money as the old saying goes.

One of the other drawbacks of making up the plans yourself, then getting a builder in to do the building part of it is whether they will be able to make head or tail of your plans. The reason that architects exist at all is that they are able to make decent plans that can be followed easily by the people whose job it is to build.

Having said all that there are of course smaller projects that consist of kitset conservatories that can be bought in one or another of the big home improvement or hardware stores which with plenty of time on your hands, some handyman skills and a modicum of the usual tools where you have a good chance of being able to complete yourself. Just be wary when power, gas, plumbing and the like have to be installed. Save yourself the bother – get somebody else to do all that.

Architects do not have anything to do with kitset designs – they are usually contracted to make a custom design which suits the owner of the house where the conservatory is going to be built. It always pays to select an architect like architects London that is used to dealing with designing projects like conservatories.

Normally the architect will make a visit or two to the site to get the feel of the environment in which it is going to be built and talk to the owner onsite about his or her ideas more completely. You will have probably decided on a conservatory because it is easy and relatively cheap way of getting some extra living space into your house without too many complications. A bonus is to have an attractive building that will be a treat to look at and view and hopefully the conservatory will add a bit of value to your existing house if you ever choose to sell it.

When considering the latter possibility, the last thing you would want is to throw up a one off design of your own and find that it looks odd or doesn’t really complement either the house or the garden and actually brings your house value down a bit even if you do get the use value out of it.

Most architects are professionals who take their job seriously and are well qualified to turn your dreams into something both creative and attractive that you will be pleased to have in your back yard.

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