House Building The Architects Way

If you do not wish to follow the pack by putting a down payment on a unit or terrace in a very ordinary street in a very ordinary town, it might be a possibility to buy a piece of land and construct your own house on it. Some pieces of land come with planning permission and some do not. But if you search hard there are some nice pieces of land available on the market today which do have what is termed as detailed planning permission. Anybody who has that endless dream to be different from the masses only has to get out into the countryside and buy a piece of land in what, to many, looks like a rather dank, boggy field, and either get a builder to do the building work and you, along with an architect, draw up the plan or design and build it yourself. It could certainly be a bit mind boggling putting your hard earned savings into a piece of land that you, currently, would be unable to live in but as your dream becomes reality you will in the end have a beautiful one-of-its-type property standing alone surrounded by your garden of Eden. .

If you decide to buy a section that already has detailed planning permission, this actually means that the payment you are making includes the plans drawn up by an architect along with the money and time that has been expended putting the property before the planning department in order to get building approval. What you must think about, however, is that planning permission that has been granted is for the construction of a certain home on a particular section of land and it has to be constructed in less than three years. The alternative to full or detailed planning permission is what is termed outline planning permission. This is a situation where the consent for the actual site for the new house has been established but no permission has yet been granted for the final layout and design. It is possible in the detailed planning permission scenario to make changes to the house design later but you have to front up with this new design to the planning department.

If your idea is not agreed to then you will have to modify your design until an agreement between you and the planning department can be reached. The main advantage to buying a piece of land with detailed planning permission is that even though you have to stay in with agreement with the original plan on the size and actual outer appearance you can work alongside the builders and architects to get the property to better suit your taste. Another advantage is that you get to choose the property developer who is to build the final house and finally your property will look nothing like anyone else’s and it will be both your home and your investment.

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