House extension plans, fixed fees.

We provide the best quality house extension plans across London and the UK

If you have been itching to move house for a while now but are struggling to find a property on the market that offers sufficient space, then you may be interested in investing in a house extension, which is sure to bring both practical and financial benefits.

The current economic climate has actually made building a house extension much cheaper than moving home. What’s more, the great news is that even if you do still decide to move home, a well-built house extension can actually increase the value of your property by a greater amount than that which you spent on the extension.

However, to ensure this, you will need to plan your extension well – which is where the highly professional house extension plans of Architects for Home come in. Depending on the exact nature of your intended extension, you will need to give some thought to planning permission – although most extensions are permitted development – while there are many elements of the design itself that you will also need to consider carefully.

Your house extension plans will differ depending on their nature and how much space you require. As part of your house extension plans, you will also need to consider the role of lighting and air circulation, as well as how the extension will look from the outside.

Here at Architects for Home, we will work closely with you to determine your exact requirements in the creation of our house extension plans.

What forms do house extensions take?

Whereas the traditional home is known for its predictable and formal layout of multiple rigid rooms, this is far from suitable for modern living. House extensions present homeowners with the opportunity to create those much-desired open plan spaces with more natural light, space and practicality.

Even the most simple rear or side house extensions can give the homeowner a lovely multi-functional space that opens out onto the garden. Although we are the ones with the architectural expertise, the house extensions we build are entirely under the control of the homeowner, which means that you can have a truly vibrant and flexible space in your home that is ideal for relaxing, entertaining and socialising.

We create house plans perfectly matched to your needs

As we have such a strong track record in creating house plans, we know that you’ll want your extension to feel like a seamless part of the house, rather than a mere add-on. We also know that you’ll want the extension to have been designed with your own individual practical requirements and budget firmly in mind. You won’t want your extension to cost you a great amount of money in the longer term, which is why we place a strong emphasis on creating an easy to maintain and energy efficient extension.

Many features can be incorporated into house plans, including sliding folding glass doors that lead into the garden, hardwood floors and sloping tiled roofs, and here at Architects for Home, we know how to create truly high quality extensions that can even benefit from some of your own design ideas.