If you are thinking of building a house extension then the sky’s the limit when it comes to introducing the best technology the twenty first century has on offer. There are lots of smart, modern ideas which might mean that you save money on your living costs as well. Have a talk to an architect that specialises in house extensions like architects for home at Ivor St, London NW1 9PL and see what they come up with and discuss your own ideas to see what is feasible.
One of the ways you can really get into twentieth first century mode is to include as many environmentally friendly infrastructure as possible. One way that you can get ideas from here for modern living is at the Centre for Alternative Technology. There are lots of other sources of green ideas such as the Energy Saving Trust that will provide you with ideas of how you can maintain a much better energy balance in your new house extension. Incorporating solar panels, for instance are much easier when a new roof has to be built than trying to install them on an existing roof. Things like recycled rubber or cork are ideal for parts of your floor surfaces which experience a lot of foot traffic as they are not only very hard wearing but are made from previously manufactured materials as well.
Electronic gadgetry to make life easier and less energetic is available as well. This includes centralising all your appliances via a central computer so that things like central heating, lighting, refrigeration, audio-visual systems – even such things as drawing the curtains can all be controlled electronically.
When thinking about what exactly you are going to extend it’s worth bearing in mind that one of the most popular designs is an open plan kitchen with a single storey extension either on the side of the house or out backwards. This gives a much greater space for an expanded kitchen cum dining cum living area and can create a much more accessible pathway to the garden. Modern extensions involve much more use of technologically improved glass either in the roof, the sidewalls and access doors or a combination of all of these features. Increasing the amount of glass, especially thermally efficient and toughened glasses that are much more readily available today dramatically improves the natural lighting available, which can also influence the power bills for lighting and heating for this much use part of the house. The only drawback of much more open feel extensions is that consideration of the interior decorations, furniture and fittings has to be considered especially if the extension is a north facing one. Having a light and airy feel in the middle of summer is one thing, but might seem a lot colder and bleaker in the middle of winter than a more enclosed space.
While conventional wisdom has it that extensions should match the existing shape, colour and material construction as the original building, this doesn’t exclude the use of modern materials and more daring designs inside. Internal design should be part of the original planning rather than being left to when the extension has already been built. If, for instance, you want to incorporate exposed internal wooden beams or even steel ones to give amore modern look then y


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