How to Add Value with a Garage Conversion

Converting one’s garage seems to have become increasingly popular these days as the requirement to store a car under cover is less important with modern cars and the vacant space just used for storing surplus household gear seems a bit of a waste of space. Converting a bare garage into a livable space is not all that easy however and you will probably need a good architect like architects London who will be able to recommend builders as well. Garage conversions when done properly and converted into a spare bedroom or utility room can add value to the main property in most circumstances. The first aspect to consider here is the availability of car parking spaces outside of the garage.

If there is little or no availability then the garage probably has more value as a place to put the car than as another room in the house! If there is space for say two cars outside of the garage and the garage conversion is done according to a good standard and complies with the building regulations then the extra livable space should definitely give the property a greater real value than the previous arrangement. Obviously one has to factor in the cost of the conversion itself into the whole equation. In addition to the value of the property one has also to think that the conversion will actually be of immediate use to you and your family and that of course is probably why you were considering it in the first place. If the conversion is done on the cheap and particularly if it does not fully comply with the building regulations then the only value that the conversion is likely to have for a potential buyer is a play space for the kids or as additional storage area. Some of the considerations that should be integrated into the garage conversion planning are given below. The garage conversion’s floor space should be at the same level as the existing house. The existing walls of the garage should be upgraded and well insulated.

If the garage door is removed and the gap replaced with solid material that it is carefully designed to blend in with the walls of the existing house. The roof voids should be well insulated and the walls and ceilings should be finished with fine plastering. There might be service meters – gas and electricity – housed inside the original garage and these will need to be housed outside and concealed so that they do not look like ugly attachments to the walls of the house. The access to the new room or rooms inside the garage conversion should be from the main hallway or corridor inside the original house. This is a much better arrangement than access from a kitchen or living room. It’s not a great idea to jam as much as possible into the new space. Small, overcrowded rooms will not really be of much value to you and your family or an eventual new home owner. If you keep to these general ideas for your garage conversion then the new livable space you are intending to create will not only be of much better use for you but it will also add extra value to your house.


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