Invest in our architects services for a great garden room or pavilion

Have you ever considered having a room or pavilion built into your garden? There is no shame should you admit that the honest answer is no. Garden space is commonly overlooked as an area of the home for potential development. This is a shame, as a garden can often provide sufficient room for a detached home office, studio, gym, playroom or pavilion.

As you can see, the possibilities for garden development are vast – but you will most likely need to turn to a reputable architects services company in order to have any such possibilities realised. That is why, at Architects for Home, we promise to not only help design and build your garden room or pavilion, but also to spare you worries over hidden costs by charging you a single fixed fee for our architects services.

Our architects services are “all about you”

That’s our motto when it comes to planning a garden room or pavilion for your home, and with good reason. Our architects services are renowned for their flexibility and level of personalisation, enabling you to maintain full control over the overall design of your garden room or pavilion.

Perhaps, for instance, you would like your garden room or pavilion to include some services, a toilet and washbasin and some lighting? Or maybe you would like it to be easily heatable during winter, not to mention highly energy efficient? All such concerns and more can be addressed with our architects services, which endeavour to craft you a design which will be easy to maintain and will reach the highest quality at the lowest cost.


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