Building in, around, under or even on top of your existing house can be an alternative to finding a larger house to live in, especially when the housing market – both selling and buying is seriously in the doldrums as it is at the moment. Side extensions, usually involve extending the kitchen out into the garden or back yard and have deservedly become very popular, not just because they are an imaginative way of creating a lot more liveable space in your house, but they also give you a chance to have a complete makeover of your existing kitchen. Building any type of extension like a kitchen extension is serious business and is definitely out of the scope of the normal home handyman skills, so do yourself a favour and take your ideas first of all to a recognised extension architect like architects London and get them to draw up meticulous plans for you.

There are several ways that you can begin planning a kitchen extension. The first is to think exactly what you want in it that you don’t have in your existing kitchen / dining area at present. Is the new kitchen going to be a multi purpose area where you cook, eat and generally hang around or is it simply going to be a serious cooking area per se? If it is the latter, think about what preparation areas you will want in the new expanded space and where the cooker is going to go and how extra storage space can be incorporated.

Maybe the whole kitchen is simply going to be moved outwards so the area that you had before for living space is much larger and the kitchen gets pushed outwards into the garden. Perhaps the kitchen will open onto anew patio area which can be used on warm, long summer evenings for al fresco style dining. The possibilities are almost endless but in the end you have to decide on what you want and take your ideas along to the architects for further refinement.

When it comes to the extension options one of the limiting factors will be the position of the drainage system. The point at which the drains exit the house and go into the mains system will determine how far the kitchen can go outwards and where the sinks, washing machines and so on can go in the extended part. The larger the kitchen appliances, the larger their drains need to be, so the closer they have to be to the external drainage system.

The building regulations will also determine what you can and cannot change when it comes to modifying the drainage system for your kitchen extension appliances.

A lot of other important items will need to change position when you build outwards as well. This included the plumbing for the hot and cold water, the gas pipes and fittings and the electrical fittings, switches and sockets. Most of this work needs to be planned and completed by qualified tradesmen – gas installation for the boiler, especially as this will probably have to be moved and for the stove if this uses gas, a plumber and an electrician.

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