Planning Permission for House Building

Once you have decided to build a house on a plot of land then you will have to go about getting the plan of the house drafted in detail by an architect and then go about working out the planning permission requirements. Having some detailed knowledge of planning permission assists in ensuring you fit into the right section. Land has three options available to it when categorized by the planning office situated in your locality. The first is that no planning permission is granted at all for that precise piece of land. The second category is that of outline planning permission and the third section is detailed planning permission.

It is worth noting here that the category of planning permission denotes pretty well the overall value of the piece of land. The government initiated planning act has control over where a new building can be built which relates to its overall appearance and how it fits into its surroundings. Most new buildings need to be assessed before the actual construction takes place. Any member of the community has the right to object to the current Environment Minister over applications for planning permission. Normally planning applications are approved by an appointed committee who are all elected councillors and they seek recommendations from the officers employed in the planning department.

Overall not much real discussion goes on at planning committee meetings as decisions are made solely on the basis of suggestions made by the professional planning department. Members of the public are entitled to appeal to the Minister for the Environment against any decision of the local authority in a planning matter. In theory all planning applications are considered by a committee of councilors who are advised by the council’s professional planning officers. The planning department just uses criteria that have already been laid out for them and it is just the matter of ticking the boxes and then going on to the next application in the pile. If a plan for a property matches all the laid down guidelines then the consent to go ahead with the construction process will not be delayed in any way. If an officer working for the Department of Planning sees fit s/he can make recommendations that do not necessarily fit in with current planning guidelines. Once the consent has been approved then a deadline date is set for the start of construction.

This has to take place within a five year time frame. If full planning permission has been granted then that normally refers to the agreement forged over the type of construction materials that are going to be utilised this includes amongst other things the roofing material, the shape, size and style of the windows and the colour and sort of brick that is going to be used. If you are about to buy a piece of land with detailed planning permission then you should insist on getting the drawings for the project as they should be together with the buying price.

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