Rivers of Development

The United Kingdom is not only known for its rich history but also for its canals and rivers. The small country is packed with small streams of water that comes from the main river that flows through the sea.Architects LondonĀ and Architects for home with their Head office at 6 Ivor Street London, NW1 9PL also takes good care of these structures, although they are not buildings, they still require ingenuity and structural capacity to transport the water for the irrigation and the sewage. Being an old city, London has created a complex circuit of underground canals that travel throughout the city and into the rivers. There are a lot of these instances where people are doing a great deal of effort keeping of the waters from the streets especially when the river bank is overflowing.

Back then in the 1800’s where there is a limited number of transportation, the coal has newly been introduced to the market and boats were the main means of transportation through the towns of the UK. Because of this, most of the UK has created different canals that go through areas that are rural and are hard to reach. There are also man made canals and rivers that are being used as a means of transportation for these heavy equipment’s and materials. Most of the canals that are built by architects and engineers are usually made of bricks and stones; there are also some that are made of mud and steel. These man made rivers form a long line from town to town. These rivers and streams are the life blood of London for almost half a century.

Aside from the rivers, the designs for the building sewages and drainage are also very well planned. There are a lot of designs available for buildings which mostly depend on how they are being used. Some buildings emphasize a person or an artwork. There are a lot of buildings and churches that provide clues to their designers. Specific designs are made by certain people in which to put up their own signature on the structure. In most of the places around the city, tourists could also view a lot of fountains and other bodies of water. This are also based on the creativity and the design of different architects that provide the details in the building itself.

One of the iconic buildings in the United Kingdom is the West Minister abbey where the nation’s parliamentary government held its office. The building is not only famous for its purpose and its office but most importantly the design of the building that is in par with most of the large castles that are located around the country. Aside from these design which was inspired by early European architecture, the west Minister abbey also has a large tower clock called the Big Ben. This is such an iconic place as with the Eiffel tower in France and the Statue of Liberty in the United States. The Big Ben comprises of a tower which held a large clock that tells the time for most of the city residents.


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