Conservatory “Escape to the garden”

Statistically, the conservatory is by far the most popular home extension.

It is the transition space between house and garden. The translucence of structure minimises the impact on the garden and allows boundless views, drawing in the garden and the seasons as a major part of everyday visual experience and enjoyment.

The unique character of light and space often inspires a departure from traditional to the exotic, particularly expressed in choice of furnishings and décor; a testament to the aspiration to escape from the rigidity of solid walls into the liberation of the conservatory.

Most conservatories are permitted development, removing the requirement for planning permission.

We understand this is a major investment for you, so it is crucial to get it right at the design stage with the guidance and expertise of the specialist.

We will explore all design possibilities and importantly never forget you have complete control; the choices are always yours; “it is all about you”.

Some key design considerations:

  • The siting, shape and relationship to the existing house is all important.
  • The conservatory should be in character with the house.
  • Attention must be given to maintain or improve the daylight and sunlight to the existing ground floor spaces.
  • Cross ventilation to maintain a cool temperature against the summer sun.
  • The installation of insulating blinds will extend the comfortable use of the conservatory and add to the energy efficiency.
  • An unobtrusive lighting system is essential.
  • Underfloor heating will avoid the need for unsightly radiators.
  • The design should be individual to the needs of the family and importantly the budget.
  • The mission is a design which achieves the most building at the least cost.

Typical design requests:

  • Can we include some of our design ideas?
  • Can we have something like a design we have seen in a magazine?
  • We would like to use the conservatory all year round; is that possible?
  • Can we avoid having a manhole in the floor?
  • Can we have a hardwood floor?
  • Is it possible to be energy efficient?

Our answer is usually “yes you probably can”.

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