Garden rooms and pavilions

“Escape into the landscape”

Garden space is often overlooked in terms of potential development.

Generally, gardens can provide sufficient space for a detached home office, studio, gym, playroom or pavilion.

Garden rooms can be an extremely attractive option for uses that desire a degree of separation from your house.

In many cases, an independent garden building may fall within permitted development rights, removing the requirement for planning permission.

Some key design considerations:

  • The building should be in character and fit comfortably into and be part of the landscape, with a quality that adds value to the environment and fits the individual needs of the family and importantly the budget.
  • The architects’ design should be energy efficient and simple to maintain.
  • The mission of our London architectsis a design where every square millimetre of space is brought into full use.

Some typical design requests:

  • Can we include some of our own design ideas?
  • We have seen a design in a magazine. Can we have it?
  • Can we put in services, a toilet and washbasin and some lighting?
  • Can you make it easy to heat in winter and be energy efficient?

The answer of our architects Londonis usually “yes, you probably can”.

Our London architects will explore all design possibilities and importantly never forget that you have complete control; the choices are always yours; “it is all about you”.