House extension plans, fixed fees.

Kitchen extensions “The heart of the home”

Our love affair with our kitchens has never been stronger. We spend more waking time and money in the kitchen than in any other room in the home. So it is no surprise that the average kitchen has now more than doubled in size since the 1920’s.

Over the centuries the kitchen has evolved steadily from the obscurity of the larder and scullery to the kitchenette, to the kitchen, to the kitchen-breakfast, to the kitchen-dining, finally arriving at centre stage in the form of the kitchen-dining-living.

However, a rear or side extension together with some minor internal alterations can make a single large space, which opens onto a patio and garden.

Greater openness and plenty of natural light create a more vibrant, flexible and social space, where the family can gather to cook, dine and entertain.

Most kitchen extensions are permitted development, removing the requirement for planning permission and only need Building Regulations approval.

We understand this is a major investment for you, so it is crucial to get it right at the design stage with the guidance and expertise of the specialist.

We will explore all design possibilities and importantly never forget you have complete control; the choices are always yours; “it is all about you”.

Some key design considerations:

  • The new space should fit seamlessly internally and externally into your existing home – not an add-on!
  • The design should be individual to the needs of the family and importantly the budget.
  • The design should be energy efficient and simple to maintain.
  • The mission is a design which achieves the most building at the least cost.

Some typical design requests:

  • Can we include some of our own design ideas?
  • Can we have the maximum space possible?
  • Can we have as much sunlight and daylight as possible?
  • Can we have sliding folding glass doors opening onto the garden?
  • Can we have hardwood floors?
  • Can we have a sloping tiled roof?
  • Can we avoid having a manhole in the floor?
  • Can we be more energy efficient?

Our answer is usually “yes you probably can”.

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