When you get your garden shed built and you start to use it for the first time you will probably be wondering why on earth you never got one built before. Sheds are just great for a whole variety of different reasons. They’re storage places for things you don’t want in the house, places to tinker and escape from the house, a place for the kids to muck around in and make a noise well away from your living room. If you are going to build a shed which is substantial and you aren’t that handy it probably pays to get the plans drawn up by an architect like architects London and then getting a decent builders to get the job done properly.

If you have the spare time and some handyman skill and some reasonably decent tools, then there are plenty of kitset sheds which you can choose from. These come in all shapes and sizes and levels of complexity. The best ones are probably the timber ones – they take longer to build and more maintenance, but look a lot nicer when they are built. Remember that your shed is, hopefully, going to last the life of your occupation of the house and a badly built shed or an eyesore is a bit of an embarrassment when it comes to selling up.

The most common designs of sheds depend not just on the materials but on the type of roof. Those that have flat roofs are a lot easier to build but are not quite so attractive and are not so waterproof. They have a habit of allowing rainwater – or more likely hail or snow to accumulate in pools on op of the roof. In extreme cases, the whole roof can cave in, but usually the worst that can happen is that it allows a leak to develop. The more popular, but more expensive roof type is the sloping or pitched roof. This allows the rain and snow to fall off naturally so is more weatherproof and tends to be stronger and more attractive into the bargain.

If you are building a kitset shed, then make sure that the total floor area is big enough for your projected need and that the doorway is also large enough for what you want to get in and out. The doorway should also be positioned in such a way that it makes it easily accessible wherever the shed is constructed.

The other thing you wil have to think about before you have the shed built is where you are going to put it. You may have a huge garden, of course making the position less important. You may also have such a small back yard that the shed is giving to be the main feature in it. Usually, most people fit into the “in between” category and you will have to think which corner of the garden is the best spot. The ground is also important. The shed needs a firm, level area on which to build. If your garden is naturally rather sloppy, then the area for the shed will have to be levelled out well enough before building.

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