The range of possible design features of our loft conversions

If you have already long had an interest in loft conversions and have already been browsing the Architects for Home website for ideas, inspiration and advice, your impetus for having done so may be the wide range of possibilities for such conversions.

It may be the case, for example, that you’d like a home study created in the attic that allows you to remove yourself from the rest of your home and its accompanying distractions when you are trying to work. Or you may desire a lounge, games room or studio. Whatever your specific requirements, you’ll be pleased to know that here at Architects for Home, our loft conversions can incorporate seemingly any and every design feature that you can dream of.

Loft conversions for every possible need

You may, for example, want your attic space to be the true penthouse floor, with full height glazed French doors combined with a Juliet balcony. This would ensure plenty of natural light. Or you may have a particular interest in eco-friendly loft conversions, in which case we can carry out all of the mundane work for you to ensure that yours results in the lowest possible energy costs.

From a large amount of storage space or an ensuite power shower to hardwood floors or horizontal ceilings, here at Architects for Home, we are experienced in undertaking loft conversions that cater for our clients’ exact needs. 

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