The Tall Buildings

There are a lot of kinds of tall buildings and skyscrapers, with the design and construction of the 21stcentury, these structures are here to stay. Most of which are designed by architects London and Architects for home. The most common characteristics of a skyscraper is its size. Most buildings especially in the central business district is surrounded by these tall buildings reaching from 50 to a hundred floors. Most of these buildings are being used as offices and business establishments while others are made for residential purposes and hotels. These buildings comprises of one or more common qualities which is the height. The buildings are created in such a way that the foundation could support the height of the building. It is very important that the foundation of the building be kept strong and without flaw to be able to secure a good quality building.

The creation of a skyscraper starts with an immense planning. This would include the collaboration of architects and engineers to plan and design a perfect building that would be able to withstand an earthquake or a typhoon. Most of the building’s design not only incorporates good aesthetics and appearance. These designs must be strong enough to hold the building when the bad weather comes. After coming up with a tangible design, the engineers must choose among the various materials that must be used in order to hold the building up with the highest quality possible. This would include the basic raw materials such as the cement, the gravel or the steel. There are a lot of different compositions of these materials which are being created according to its purpose. There are some materials that could hold as much but could not withstand the bending. Some may be flexible enough but cannot be stretched for so long. There are a lot of considerations to be done, especially in the skeleton of the structure.

The building of a skyscraper has its own advantages and disadvantages. The creation of these buildings is mostly to accommodate more people in such a limited space of land. 500 square meters of land could easily be tripled or much more with the creation of these buildings. And the reputation of the company as well as the building itself would be good because of the iconic view and the wonderfully made design of the structure. Most of these buildings are considered trophies by their owners and their engineers. These are living proofs that man could surpass nature itself and its wrath. The only disadvantage of the structure is at point of collapse, the higher the building, the greater the danger of the people in it. This would most likely be seen when disaster strikes or when a fire bursts in one of the floors which could spread easily to the next floor above. Or perhaps a strong earthquake that could shake the building to its limit, these instances could endanger not only the residents themselves but the people around it that would suffer the same consequences when building falls over them. These are the reasons why careful planning and proper documentation should be done with the highest quality ever.


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