What Could a Renovation Cost?

Home renovations can easily run over your budget whether you need to engage reputable architects like architects London or builders or do all the work yourself. If you want to remain within your original budget then that has to be set realistically from the outset. It is estimated thatas much as a quarter of all home improvement projects run over their original budgets so its worth running through some of the reasons why so that you can avoid ending up in that 25%. One of the most common reasons is that the building work comes up with problems that weren’t foreseen in the beginning – or discovers that there are faults with some aspect of the house that hadn’t been detected before and need to be rectified before carrying on with the project.

Another common reason is chopping and changing your plans during the construction work and entertaining bigger and better plans in the process – if you really want to stick to you budget, then make realistic plans in the first place and stick to them. As far as the unexpected, all you can really do is allow for contingencies – say a 20 to 25 % contingency added to your budget to allow for possible unexpected things you have to do. If yiu never have anything unexpected you are then well within budget and you will be the winner.

Another budget blower is dealing with planning permission and building regulations. Your careful budget costings might go up in smoke if you haven’t factored in the legal requirements of what you intend doing. Planning permission is generally much less of a problem here in Britain now than it might have been a few years ago, but this depends very much on where you live and the type of property you have so if you think you are in marginal territory for planning permission get it cleared up with your local planning consent office. As far as building regulations go. Then normally this is taken care of by the builders you hire as long as you have been quite explicit about your intended modifications. Being shortchanged by pirate operators is another budget blower as you could be left with shoddy work which needs to be re done while the people you hired have melted into the background or the work is never done at all. All tradesmen belong to associations or registered bodies and any company that you are thinking of hiring can be checked out to make sure that they are legitimate and have the qualifications and experience to do a good job.

Also check that hey are insured to do the sort of job that you want them to do. Not coming to any agreement about what your project is going to cost is another budget blower. This is up to you to make sure you have itemized exactly what you want done, then to draw up a written contract with the people you are going to hire to make sure that you know what they are going to charge and that this is for work completed – not a daily rate, which encourages slow progress. Building work should be paid for after completion and you are satisfied that the job is completed.

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