What do you want from a house extension that our architects London can provide?

Do you have a house in London? If so, then you may find – especially if it was built several decades ago – that the size and formation of certain rooms is not quite to your liking. Many traditional homes from past decades tend to have multiple rooms of an identically rigid size and shape, frequently laid out in a predictable, formal manner. Rooms like this can be at odds with the many unique purposes of today’s homes.

If the above describes your concerns, then you should consider commissioning top quality architects London company Architects from Home to build an extension to your home. This could take one of many forms, like a rear or side extension, coupled with some minor internal conversions to create a large, single, multifunctional space opening onto the garden. However, whatever kind of house extension you desire, Architects from Home have the experience and knowhow to deliver it.

Top quality services from a top quality architects London company

As any house extension will involve significant financial investment on your part, we will thoroughly consult with you at the design stage to ensure that the extension best meets your preferences and requirements. Our architects London will commit to creating a space that fits seamlessly into your existing home, and that achieves as much as possible at the least possible cost.

Questions asked of architects London at the design stage commonly concern the planned extension’s energy efficiency, receptiveness to sunlight and daylight and amount of space. Our architects London will endeavour to address all such concerns whilst permitting you complete control over the overall design of your home extension.

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