Why Use a Qualified Architect for a Garage Conversion?

Garage conversions are relatively simple to design. The layout is quite easy and the actual siting determines how access can be arranged between the main building and the garage. When it comes to the detail and the specifications for the upgrading and adaptations required then a good architect like architects London will probably be required. There are various ways that the garage conversion building project can be finalized. There are several different factors that can affect what has to be done in terms of building. These include such things as the need for thermal upgrading of the floor which might mean alterations to the level of the existing garage floor.

The proximity of existing drains will determine how easy it is to fit any new drainage systems if a utility room such as a kitchen or bathroom is intended. It’s possible that a macerator pump may have to be connected if an alternative drainage system is required. The total list of things that have to be considered is quite long and they do need to be discussed fully with the architect or house extension designer before the project is begun. Getting the best value by using the best possible design is not as easy as one might at first think and it is not necessarily within the ambit of amateurs. This is a good reason for being careful to choose a fully qualified and experienced architect or house extension designer. To be honest far too many homeowners see the house designer or architect as a necessary nuisance and put much more value on the contribution of the actual builder. This sometimes leads to using an unqualified person to draw up the plans for submission to the Building Inspector with possible unfortunate consequences further down the line. One of the unfortunate consequences is that the plans are rejected by the builder as unworkable with them substituting their own plans instead.

Inevitably this leads to a much more expensive solution in the long term making the initial savings on the design stage superfluous. As far as choosing a house extension designer or architect it should be borne in mind that the term architect is strictly speaking reserved for anybody who is registered with RIBA and the term is protected by Royal Charter. However, not all people who are qualified and experienced at drawing up plans for a garage conversion necessarily need to be architects using the conventional meaning described above. In fact probably a majority of those people who are registered with the local authority as house extension or conversion experts are not actually architects. So who are they? These non-architects are most likely professionals belonging to associations such as CIAT, which registers all the Architectural Technologists or they are Chartered Building Surveyors, who belong to the organization RICS.

The reality is that these people are probably just as competent at designing your garage conversion plans as the “real” architects. There are also several house extension designers who don’t actually belong to any organization or registered body but who are capable of putting together a good set of plans and designs because of their wealth of experience in the field and there is nothing in law which stipulates that you are not able to use the expertise of people in this category. The best solution is to consider a variety of choices at first and look at their completed projects and if at all possible get some idea of the level of satisfaction from previous clients.


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