Why Use an Architect?

Reputable architects like architects London are able to provide one or more of the following services they assist in working out what can and can’t be done with your existing property take your ideas and convert them into a workable design based on your budget assist with planning permission and building regulations compliance help manage the actual construction procedure which might include the selection of reliable builders to budget constraint monitoring Architects in Britain must be registered with either the Architects’ Registration Board or if they are chartered architects, be registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

One can find a list of British chartered architects by using the website architecture.com in which you can find architects by location, company name or by the size of the projects they normally deal with. Before final selection, make a list of possible architects and visit their websites. If there are any references or recommendations, read these as well. There may be a list of previous clients which you may be able to contact to find out how satisfied they were with these firms. When you are ready with your own plans, contact each possible firm personally and find out whether they are available to do the work and whether they have any other information about projects they might have completed recently. It’s best to consider an architect who thoroughly understands what it is you want to do and has the time to listen and give an opinion on what you have to say. In addition to having a good working relationship you will of course be looking for a company that is able to deliver on technical ability and good design standards Your local council will have details about planning permission and whether it is likely to be required or not and building regulations compliance. They may or may not be able to give sensible advice about possible reliable building companies that would be able to do the sort of work you are intending to do. When you have finally selected an architect make sure you set a meeting time so you can come o an agreement about what is wanted and how much it is likely to cost. There should be a final agreement set out in which all the things that the architects will do for you is fleshed out and their cost.

There are several ways that architects’ fees are calculated. It might be a simple lump sum which you agree to formally, or a percentage of the building costs or based on a rate which takes into consideration the time put in by the architects on your behalf. It is good practice to make an allowance for contingencies in the overall costs – say up to 20% over and above what you have originally thought it might all cost. It is safer to have an amount set aside if you need it than find that your entire building project comes to a grinding halt because you have run out of funds. If planning permission is needed, then when this is granted, the architects will produce a plan for builders and may work on your behalf if that is what you want to select a suitable building firm and get quotes for the work needed. You may also find that the architects will be able to suggest a suitable contractual arrangement that yiu can use between yourself and the builders.


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