Will I need to secure planning permission for my London basement conversion?

So many of us living in London have considered investing in a basement conversion to make use of that commodious space down below. However, just as many of us have been deterred before by the thought of the complicated and/or time-consuming planning permission that may be involved.

What you need to know about planning permission

Although the Department for Communities and Local Government has described the planning regime with regard to the creation of basement living spaces as “evolving and under review” – which only increases the importance of working with a company like Architects For Home that constantly keeps abreast of the latest changes in the rules – there are certain consistent principles.

If you have an existing basement or residential cellar that you would like to convert into a living space, you probably won’t need planning permission. The exceptions to this are if the work involves a separate unit, there is a significant change in usage or a light well is added, affecting the property’s external appearance.

However, planning permission is certainly likely to be required if you would like to excavate to create a new basement, and therefore need to carry out more substantial works, create a new separate accommodation unit and/or add a light well or carry out another change that would alter your house’s external appearance.

Allow us to guide you through the planning permission rules

You will also probably need to seek consent to carry out such internal or external work if the property is listed. Furthermore, it’s vital to bear in mind any Building Regulations applicable to such areas of your prospective basement as its ventilation, fire escape routes, damp proofing, ceiling height, electrical wiring and water supplies.

There may also be a need for underpinning and foundation work, while the Party Wall Act 1996 must also be considered if you share walls with another property that adjoins yours.

Clearly, you’ll have a lot to think about when contemplating how to secure planning permission for your London basement conversion – so leave the experienced experts at Architects For Home to take the stress and hassle of that process off your hands.

Turn to Architects For Home for your basement conversion

If you want to take the stress out of securing planning permission for your basement conversion in Fulham, Chelsea, elsewhere in central London or indeed, anywhere within the M25, speak to our seasoned architects here at Architects For Home today.

We’re highly experienced and capable when it comes to handling all of the planning aspects of your basement conversion in London; indeed, we are well-versed in the latest planning rules and have worked with all of the capital’s planning offices for more than 30 years, continuing to speak with them on a regular basis.

It’s no wonder, then, that we are able to so quickly submit and secure approval for even the most complex basement conversion plans throughout the capital.

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