Would you like your house extension plan drafted quickly and cheaply?

If so, you are in substantial company. The possibility of a house extension can cross the minds of many a homeowner; especially those living in quarters built several decades earlier, where all of the rooms can seem an identical size and shape, and be part of a very formal layout. Properties designed like this can be far from suitable for the requirements of 21st century life.

However, there are two chief factors that can deter these people from commissioning a house extension plan: the time and the cost. Would it not take an agonisingly long time to get a design drafted that appropriately suits your needs, as well as to get permission from the local authority to go ahead with the construction? And what about the massive financial outlay involved, especially when hidden costs are factored in?

You CAN get a house extension plan drafted rapidly and inexpensively!

Yes, that’s right. Turn to the services of Architects for Home, and you can banish all of those fears of a long and convoluted house extension planning process. On the contrary, the planning process with us is speedy and streamlined: expect to wait no longer than two days for an appointment upon making the initial request, only about two weeks for the plan to be completed and a mere eight weeks for the local authority to grant their approval.

You won’t come across any nasty hidden costs for our services either, as we will only charge you a single fixed fee. This makes the financial cost of the house extension so much easier to manage.


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